Sodexo creates uplifting experiences that enable seniors to live their best lives – with dignity, purpose, passion, vitality and autonomy.

We provide a wide range of services for senior living communities and in seniors’ homes – including on-site food and nutrition services, facilities management and more. Our intelligent solutions align with our clients’ missions, deliver enhanced performance and improve residents’ quality of life.

We are people cooking for and serving people. We create flavorful, nourishing food that facilitates life’s shareable moments. We design recipes inspired by tradition, reflecting cultural diversity. Our seasonal menus evolve to support our changing tastes and the world around us.

Our team of employees have the passion to serve and provide attentive care every day. They are backed by Sodexo’s global expertise and tools. This positions our partners to be best in class in caring for seniors.

Resident Living

Delivering outcomes which boost occupancy

  • Dining / Retail
  • Wellness & Personal Care
  • Dementia / Memory Care
  • Housekeeping
  • Environment design & construction
  • Maintenance servicing
  • Personal assistance

Community Operations

Enhancing operational standardization, efficiency & robust performance

  • Management & benchmarking
  • Procurement
  • Maintenance & asset management
  • Community communications
  • Resident data & surveying

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Sodexo VP - Seniors Sales
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Employee Experience

Attracting, retaining and developing staff

  • Wellness & Benefits
  • Training
  • Engagement & Recognition
  • Employee Amenities & experiences

Partner Testimonial

“Sodexo is the engine behind our growth.”
— Frédéric Walther, Domytis – General Director.

In just five years, Domytis grew to 72 communities in 2017 from 25 communities in 2012.

Research & Insights