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Your students’ quality of life is at the heart of every service we offer. We carefully consider every detail of their academic journey, from their nutritional needs right down to the quality of the air they breathe. Our comprehensive approach ensures an outstanding experience for students and tangible benefits for your school.

Fostering a community where students, teachers and administrators can interact in well-maintained classrooms and comfortable dining spaces facilitates active learning and social interaction. Partnering with school districts, we champion academic achievement by providing food services and facilities management to help schools operate more effectively and efficiently, giving time back to principals and teachers to educate young minds.

“By us focusing on what we’re good at -- not having to worry about food service, custodial, maintenance, yards -- we’ve been able to over the last five years dominate the top spot in academics in southwest Missouri.  We’re fortunate that that’s happening with our partnership with Sodexo. I’m here to tell you it has made a difference.”

- Stephen Kleinsmith, Superintendent, Nixa Schools

We’re ready to partner with your school. Please contact us to learn more.

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Senior Vice President
North America Sales and Business Development
Sodexo School Services
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Laying the Groundwork for Academic Success

  • Clean and sanitize learning spaces
  • Reduce the spread of infectious viruses
  • Repair and maintain school buildings
  • Landscape school grounds and athletic fields
  • Improve indoor air quality, temperature, lighting and acoustics in classrooms
  • Raise awareness of bullying outside classrooms
  • Provide security and remote monitoring
  • Manage IT and AV
  • Reduce student and teacher absenteeism

Feeding Young Minds

  • Deliver USDA-compliant, nutritious meals to drive academic performance
  • Encourage healthy eating behaviors through nutrition education
    • National Future Chef Elementary Challenge
    • Healthy High School Challenge
  • Solve food insecurity with more meals at school and summer feeding programs

Enabling Efficiencies to Reduce Costs

  • Increase school meal participation
  • Perform preventative building maintenance to maximize facility budgets
  • Use automation for efficient menu-planning, facility maintenance and utility expense management
  • Facilitate equity in education through inclusive environments and access to high quality, nutritious meals
  • Support teacher recruitment and retention through quality services and concierge options
  • Partner to drive on-site waste management sustainability efforts
  • Purchase from local vendors and hire local employees
  • Provide facilities master planning and construction services


Facilities Operations & Maintenance Services

We know that a school’s physical condition impacts students’ academic performance and health while also affecting teacher recruitment and retention. That’s why we are laser focused on creating a welcoming, safe, clean, comfortable and functional environment.

We are experts in planning, procurement, management and maintenance -- all with a critical eye towards maximizing school budgets and helping school administrators prioritize academic excellence.

Child Nutrition Services

Every day, each of your students make the decision to eat in the cafeteria or not. With Sodexo, that decision is an easy one. From kid-tested flavors to creative recipes with fresh ingredients, our menus are designed to get students excited about participating in your food program. New branded concepts at all grade levels will transform cafeteria spaces into fun, engaging dining spaces.

Featured destinations will include The Clubhouse, DYK Café, and CrossRoads Café. Street Eatz*, demonstration cooking and limited-time offers to motivate more students to eat school lunch. The end result? Better food with better results.

Contact Sodexo to learn more about our Quality of Life services for schools.

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