Quality of Life Services

Quality of Life, which refers to the general wellbeing of individuals, is a central and evolving issue in many environments, from the workplace, to schools, to hospitals, to life in general. There are many factors that impact Quality of Life, including:

  • Health and wellness

  • Community wellbeing

  • Environment

  • Job satisfaction

  • Socio-economic status

Sodexo understands that Quality of Life is a key driver of performance. There are six key dimensions on which our services have a real and measurable impact on Quality of Life.


QOL - Key 1 Physical Environment
Everything that contributes to an individual's comfort and safety.
QOL - Key 2 Health & Well-Being
Promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutritious meals, a well-balanced diet and exercise.
QOL - Key 3 Social Interaction
Encompasses all factors that strengthen bonds among individuals and facilitate access to culture and leisure.
QOL - Key 4 Recognition
Encompasses all factors that allow an individual to feel truly valued.
QOL - Key 5 Ease & Efficiency
All factors that impact an individual's ability to carry out activities smoothly and with minimal interruptions.
QOL - Key 6 Personal Growth
Refers to everything that allows an individual to learn and progress.


We provide Quality of Life services in several key environments:

QOL - Corporate

QOL - Campuses

QOL - Government


QOL - Hospitals
Health Care

QOL - Retirement
Senior Living

QOL - Leisure
Sports & Leisure


QOL - Remote
Remote Sites


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