Reassuring families

Reassuring families

Maintaining close family ties is a priority when people move away from home. Families are often frightened by the illness of a loved one and need to be reassured and kept informed on a daily basis. Sodexo teams play an important role in this context, comforting them with warmth, concern and kindness.

In France, Sodexo plays an active role in helping facilities for the elderly communicate with residents’ families. We send newsletters and individualized reports to families and organize open house visits. These actions are important to reassure family members about the quality of care provided for their loved ones.


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Sodexo and our Institute for Quality of Life partnered with the University of Ottawa’s Life Research Institute to deepen our understanding of seniors’ sensory impairments.

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Sodexo employee with a senior woman

Sodexo contributes to making individuals' daily lives easier responding to important needs at all stages of life.

What we do for... la Maison des Augustines


Recognised through an ISO 9001 certification for their professionalism in quality of services, Sodexo teams ensure the well-being of La Maison des Augustines residents since 1992.

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