In Western countries, the increasing elderly population has created greater health care needs. Illnesses, both chronic and acute, are particularly responsible for the loss of independence. It can be minimized through daily and dedicated support services.

Help for catastrophic illnesses

An increasing number of people are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders. In 2010 in Europe, 5 percent of people over 65, and 20 percent of those over 85 were being treated for these types of illnesses, figures expected to rise as longevity increases. At assisted-living facilities, Sodexo offers specific service solutions to care for these patients and assist them, along with their families and medical staff, in coping with their everyday needs.

In France, for example, at Les Parentèles residences, we have developed a special program to ensure respect for the individuality and personality of each resident. Under the program, families and caregivers are involved in helping maintain patients’ emotional and social ties.

More services

Balanced meals

Mealtime serves more than one purpose for the elderly. In addition to being a source of pleasure, it plays an important role in supporting...

Fostering independence

The daily life of dependent elderly people is an obstacle course. The aged often lose their bearings and sense of time, which can be...

Reassuring families

Maintaining close family ties is a priority when people move away from home. Families are often frightened by the illness of a loved...

How and Why the Five Senses Matter for Quality of Life


Sodexo and our Institute for Quality of Life partnered with the University of Ottawa’s Life Research Institute to deepen our understanding of seniors’ sensory impairments.

Personal & Home Services

Sodexo employee with a senior woman

Sodexo contributes to making individuals' daily lives easier responding to important needs at all stages of life.

What we do for... la Maison des Augustines


Recognised through an ISO 9001 certification for their professionalism in quality of services, Sodexo teams ensure the well-being of La Maison des Augustines residents since 1992.

Key figures Health Care & Seniors

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24% of Group revenues (Seniors 5%)

80,360 employees

Source: Sodexo Group, FY 2017