Balanced meals

Balanced meals

Mealtime serves more than one purpose for the elderly. In addition to being a source of pleasure, it plays an important role in supporting medical treatment. Meals must therefore be suited to each individual’s needs and preferences, while also being adapted to respect relevant dietary limitations.

Meals like the ones at home

Service and product quality are always top priorities in the residences we manage. Meal planning is based on the use of fresh ingredients, which are cooked on the premises by our expert culinary staff. Meals are home cooked – no products are warmed up or vacuum-packed – and served at just the right temperature at the residents’ tables. To ensure that mealtime is pleasurable and affords an opportunity for friendly conversation, our teams see to it that the tables are pretty, the atmosphere calm and inviting and the food appetizing and stimulating for the senses.

Dishes adapted to each person’s needs

Illness and the loss of independence affect the way people eat. To meet patients’ individual nutritional requirements and preserve their dignity, Sodexo employees are especially attentive to the quality of the meals we serve and the services we offer.

In France, the program Un air de famille has redesigned foodservices to encourage sensorial and cognitive stimulation, with finger food to enable those who no longer are able to use traditional tableware to eat with their fingers in a dignified way. 

In Australia, the Smartfuel program prevents chronic illnesses through meals with low fat, saturated fat and salt content. The program offers 300 nutritionally approved recipes and a guide to adapt them to the particular needs of each senior. Every year, the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency, which oversees compliance with the 44 standards in force at assisted-living facilities, reassesses the quality of the Smartfuel program.

In the United States, Sodexo has won many “Best Concept” awards in the Food Management Magazine contest, which recognizes conceptual as well as qualitative culinary innovations.

Home meal delivery

When seniors are still healthy and independent and do not wish to live in a facility for the elderly, every effort is made to help them remain at home under pleasant conditions, particularly by solving the daily problem of grocery shopping and food preparation.

In the United Kingdom, Sodexo works with local authorities to deliver hot meals to the elderly. We offer them a wide selection of menus, taking into account each person’s religious food restrictions and dietetic profile. Our drivers do more than merely deliver meals; they give special attention to the recipients of our services to help ensure their well being.

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