Health and well-being

Rising malnutrition and obesity are global concerns in both developed and emerging countries. Sodexo is a major supporter of the many efforts to curb these public health crises across the world, emphasizing the importance of good nutrition and physical activity.

Health and well-being

Fighting obesity

Children that are obese at age 6 have a 90 chance of being obese as an adult, underlining the importance of teaching children at an early age to make healthy choices for a varied and balanced diet.

Sodexo provides support for educational efforts in the classroom and the cafeteria to teach students about the importance of physical activity through signage programs and organized wellness activities.

Sodexo is especially proud to be an active partner in the “Let’s Move” initiative led by US First Lady Michelle Obama to end childhood obesity in a generation.

Helping children and young adults make wise food choices

School time not only offers opportunities for providing information on healthy eating, it also a time when students can be exposed to new flavors, products and cultures… Sodexo contributes to this fundamental learning in schools around the world.

In France, Cuisto Rigolo focuses on developing the taste of children between the ages of 3 and 6 through simple recipes created especially for them. For children between the ages of 7 and 12, the program introduces new products and new culinary creations to help educate and expand their palates.

In China, at the Western Academy of Beijing, we prepare meals for 950 students from 54 countries. We offer a range of menu options and recipes designed to meet the diverse needs of the student population  with a variety of international cuisines. These options afford important educational opportunities outside the classroom on cultural awareness and diversity learning.

In United Kingdom, Sodexo started to provide schools across the United Kingdom with grow-your-own kitchen gardens in partnership with Rocket Gardens, a supplier of organic vegetable and herb plants. Schools receive a box full of baby organic vegetables, fruit and herb plants ready to be gardened. It is a fun and effective way to encourage people to question where the food they eat comes from. With 50 schools gardens today, the project will expand to benefit more than 200 schools within the next months.

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Living and learning environment

Adopting good environmental practices and optimizing facilities gives schools an important competitive advantage...

SKOOL - Raise children's awareness on Food Waste

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The International Food Waste Coalition (IFWC) is currently rolling out its first action-oriented programme, SKOOL, designed to help schools across Europe reduce food waste. As a founding member of the IFWC, Sodexo has the exclusivity to use SKOOL tools and resources during Fiscal Year 2017.

Starting early for life-long nutrition


Starting early for life-long nutritionIn India, the charter for well-being, developed by dietitians, provides our teams on each site with nutritional information to take into account and makes students in particular more aware of the benefits of proper nutrition

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