Building a healthy outlook

Activities such as painting, singing, writing and acting develop the imagination and creativity of prisoners to boost their self-esteem by often discovering skills they never had and help them acquire a more positive view of life.

Building a healthy outlook

Progressing through art

Artistic expression can give inmates something to hold on to. By exploring their imagination and creativity, they can express themselves and achieve self-knowledge. Our learning programs are conducive in particular to helping prisoners become conscious of asocial attitudes and draw the line at unacceptable behavior.

This is the aim of the Reflex program Sodexo has rolled out in the United Kingdom. It allows prisoners to learn how to express themselves in a positive way and harness their creativity in determining their choices in life. By exploring the topics of addiction and discrimination in plays, writing and music, they come to realize how their moods and actions affect their everyday life.

Pictora, a social enterprise co-founded by Sodexo, plays an active role by marketing artwork produced by prisoners.

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