Preventing re-offending

Repeat offenses are a major risk after release from prison. The specific programs we offer at our prisons aim to reduce the rate of re-offending.

Preventing re-offending

Understanding in order to change

To help inmates grasp the consequences of their acts, our teams have developed programs focused on their responsibilities and circumstances.

Our work sessions bring together delinquents and victims in discussion groups where offenders are made to realize the consequences of criminal acts. The groups take an honest look at the effects of crime, the harm it causes to others and the importance of being accountable for one’s actions. During the sessions, offenders explore individually the notion of “personal responsibility”. In the United Kingdom, our Sycomore Tree program supports prisoners during the process of developing awareness and changing their behavior.

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Building a healthy outlook

Activities such as painting, singing, writing and acting develop the imagination and creativity of prisoners to boost their self-esteem...

Ethical criteria

As a multinational company, Sodexo is committed to promoting democratic values such as fundamental human rights and equal...

Right to housing

Finding housing after a long period of incarceration is often a challenge for former inmates. At Forest Bank prison in the United Kingdom...

Vocational training

Possessing an employable skill is critical for successful re-entry into mainstream society. It allows inmates to set goals for themselves...


Maintaining and strengthening relationships between prisoners and their families can contribute to lowering reoffending rate. HMP Forest Bank in the UK has developed programs that help the offender's resettlement into the community.

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