Concierge services

Making life easier for teams. As the pace of life speeds up, employees find it increasingly difficult to handle the competing demands of professional and private life. Achieving a healthy work-life balance is now an important criterion in choosing an employer and Sodexo’s concierge services provide a definite advantage.

Concierge services

In-house and online services

To enable medical teams to concentrate 100 on their patients, Sodexo implements concierge services in many health care facilities. The services are intended to save time and reduce stress by performing everyday tasks such as finding a plumber, taking clothes to the dry cleaner or booking event tickets quickly and efficiently.

In the United States, the Meridian Health hospital group turned to Sodexo to help make its teams more productive. Medical personnel observed that being able to call upon our concierges to find a babysitter or do their grocery shopping reduced workplace stress. And once the workday was over, they had more time to spend with their families.

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Sodexo is the strategic partner of health care establishment striving for performance, patient satisfaction, as well as reputation for excellence.

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Multi-services solutions, centralization of all requests through a call center, foodservices and more..., Sodexo provides a true comprehensive service solution at Lowell General Hospital.

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Source: Sodexo Group, FY 2017