Developing local communities

Sodexo actively supports the economic development of local communities through such initiatives as recruiting and training, environmental solutions and sustainable sourcing.

Developing local communities

Recruiting and training

We work in partnership with local institutions and NGOs to hire and train local personnel.
In Australia, Rio Tinto Iron Ore awarded us the Indigenous Engagement Award in 2012, with an Indigenous workforce growing from 40 in 2009 to 180 in 2011, at various levels of the organization

Environmental solutions

Our vast, worldwide experience in managing onshore camps, places Sodexo at the heart of fostering environmentally responsible behavior. For example, we operate complex waste management systems and teach our own teams and camp residents about the importance of respecting the environment.

Sustainable sourcing

We support the creation of sustainable supply chains and prefer locally grown, seasonal produce and seafood. Our commitment extends beyond foodstuffs to include other locally produced items such as linens, furniture, etc.
Key to our approach is support and training to local suppliers that help them meet Sodexo’s quality standards.

A real commitment to local communities in Laos

Sodexo actively supports the economic development of local communities within the MMG/LXML Sepon gold and copper mine project’s zone of influence.

Thanks in part to the jobs skills learned with us, some of our former employees have successfully created their own small businesses and are now suppliers on and around the mine site, providing housekeeping, laundry, cleaning, sewing, bar management and pest control. Local farming groups supply us with meat, fish, rice and vegetables.
A nearby village has been supplying Sepon since 2008 with a popular local chili dip – 800 kg a month! Our local Sustainable Development team has provided them with equipment and ensures on-going hygiene training. 

Rio Tinto selects Sodexo to run integrated FM contract


Sodexo signs ten-year integrated facilities management contract with Rio Tinto. This is the largest contract of its kind for Sodexo.

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