Offshore Life: Our standard for catering and accommodation services

We created Offshore Life to meet your expectations regarding safety, well-being, cleanliness and comfort. These services are based on strict global standards and designed to ensure efficiency, performance and consistency.


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Safety & You:

To meet your expectations as well as industry standards we include daily briefings, weekly meetings and ongoing training sessions regarding our safety policies to ensure they are properly and effectively implemented by our teams.


Wellness iconWellness & You:

Supported by global menu planning and rotation, we provide dietician-approved recipes along with all the relevant nutritional information, enabling your employees to make educated choices.


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Essential & You:

This is our leading-edge cleaning service, with a focus on respecting procedures. We use color-coded equipement to avoid cross-contamination, suitable machinery and cleaning materials, and ensure detailed cleaning records and ongoing training program for our staff.


Freshness iconFreshness & You:

This is the laundry element of Offshore Life. It covers procedures for both work and personal clothing within strict timeframes as well as protocols for fresh bed linens and towels, which must be available around the clock.


Comfort iconComfort & You:

Housekeeping plays an important role in healthy living. We make the beds, change  linen at appropriate intervals, and monitors the condition of pillows and mattresses, while respecting the sleeping patterns of shift workers.

More services

Wellness program for offshore employees

Well Track is an incentives-based program that encourages your employees to get and stay in shape, both offshore and during shore leave at home.

Being connected on board

Connect Me provides offshore employees connectivity and support through Internet/Wi-fi, telephony and videoconference.

Quality of Life Offshore


There is probably no work environment as complex as an offshore platform. These unconventional places call for people who are capable of facing the unknown with professionalism, enthusiasm and resilience. Who are they? What do they expect in terms of Quality of Life? That's what this infographic investigates.

Corporate services

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Learn about our services for your onshore facilities (offices, supply base, refineries…)

SALUS : our global Health and Safety platform

Salus is Sodexo's global, multi-lingual, web-based platform, where our people around the world share experiences to improve health and safety. 


Discover how Sodexo brings Quality of Life to the offshore industry.

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