Being connected on board

Being connected on board

Connect Me is a hosted platform that enables offshore workers to access a full range of media and communication services, and give them the tools to maintain contact with their relatives and friends



Picto - Surf me (60x60)Internet and Wi-Fi services

Your employees will get high speed internet via their personal laptop, in their cabin or common areas of the platform.

Picto - Phone me (60x60)Telephony services

We offer several telephony options to answer your crew’s needs to keep contact with their relatives.

Picto - Entertain me (60x60)Media and leisure services

We propose a wide range of media to entertain your people on board, such as gaming, video on demand or web radios.

Picto - Help me (60x60)Social services

Connect Me offers social services to your employees with access to a virtual concierge, personal assistant services, or videoconferencing options.

More services

Comforting accommodation and foodservices

We provide catering, housekeeping, cleaning and laundry to give your employees the comfort they expect and deserve offshore.

Wellness program for offshore employees

Well Track is an incentives-based program that encourages your employees to get and stay in shape, both offshore and during shore leave at home.

Remote Sites
Working on an oil rig or a mine site often means long periods of separation from loved ones, friends and off-the-job interests. Solutions exist to mitigate effects of both the physical and psychological isolation their employees may experience.

Quality of Life Offshore


There is probably no work environment as complex as an offshore platform. These unconventional places call for people who are capable of facing the unknown with professionalism, enthusiasm and resilience. Who are they? What do they expect in terms of Quality of Life? That's what this infographic investigates.

Sodexo reinvents wellness


Sodexo reinvents wellness offshore.

Play the W Factor Offshore Serious Game


Discover how Quality of Life is crucial in attracting and retaining talents in the Oil & Gas industry.