Communication facilities

Communication facilities

Despite the explosion of online communication, mail and shipment activities are still very much in demand and vital for doing business at a great many companies.

Handling mail and shipping

Sodexo designs and delivers low-cost, efficient and reliable solutions to cover every stage of mail and shipping services. Our responsive teams orchestrate the fluid, reliable flow of your shipments with care and precision, from preparing and tracking national and international consignments to sorting operations, front desk services and multisite management. We manage our clients’ records and documentation centers with the same professionalism and high level of skill.

Guaranteeing successful meetings

To be efficient and save money, companies often organize meetings using videoconferencing – a good solution provided the system works! Our teams are experts at organizing on-site and virtual meetings, managing client systems and meeting room reservation schedules as well as videoconferencing equipment to ensure comfortable, efficient meetings without a hitch. Sodexo has developed solid expertise in managing conferences, seminars and business meetings. We ensure that our clients’ events run smoothly thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, meticulous planning and constant availability.

More services

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2017 Global Workplace Trends Report

2017 Global Workplace Trends Report

Our new report shows that connectivity, innovations and uncertainty are rewriting the rules of the workplace; next-generation working styles are being defined by individuality, inclusiveness and techno-literacy; and we can expect to see more robots as colleagues.

Sodexo - Unilever Partner to Win Award

Unilever (Homepage block)Sodexo has been presented with the ‘World Class Service & Quality’ Award for the roll out of a global Facilities Management Transformation program at the Unilever Partner to Win Summit.

be... by Sodexo


be... by Sodexo is a global offer designed to benefit local culture through fresh products and eye-catching imagery while at the same time showcasing the culinary talents of our Chefs.

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