Local Development in Peru

At 4,300 meters above sea level and 200 kilometers from the nearest city, the Compañía Minera Antamina’s mining complex in the Ancash region of the Peruvian Andes is the definition of remote. There is a high level of need in the rural communities where Sodexo’s client sites are located. The communities, around the site where we operate, lack schools, infrastructure, sanitation, and hospitals.

  • Leveraging Sodexo’s expertise
    Leveraging Sodexo’s expertise While many local governments and businesses have the money and willingness to invest in local infrastructure, they lack the relevant know-how. By leveraging Sodexo’s expertise in food services, facilities management and nutrition, we have been able to take the lead on development projects on behalf of our clients, adding a value to the relationship that extends beyond pure business. Whenever Sodexo participates in a bid, an important part that we always include, and one that is always asked for, is a community development program.
  • Avocado business bears fruit
    Avocado business bears fruit Sodexo secured a facility where the avocados could be cleaned and packaged in accordance with the correct food hygiene standards, and coordinated the transportation logistics to bring the produce to the site. Farmers ship more than 100 kilograms of produce every week. The result has been a win for both the client and community - consumers are offered a healthy choice and local producers have an expanded market for their produce.
  • Development initiatives across Peru
    Development initiatives across Peru We currently lead initiatives in 6 regions across the country, including more than 10 training centers where participants learn hospitality and maintenance skills with options ranging from employment on Sodexo projects or starting their own businesses. Other initiatives include teaching people from local communities about healthy eating and food hygiene preparation to promote better nutrition, and helping local producers improve their processes and capacities in order to potentially supply Sodexo sites.

KPI - Local development in Peru

"I learned how to offer good service and now own a restaurant: ’El Junagan’. Today, the guys I hire as waiters come from the training school where I studied because I trust that they know how to serve customers."

– Jaime Melgarejo, Graduate, San Marcos School, Ancash