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QOL - New Frontier of PerformanceIn May, 300 business, community, government, media and academic leaders representing 30 nationalities convened in New York City for the inaugural Quality of Life Conference, hosted by Sodexo. The two-day conference brought together a diverse group of expert speakers to explore and understand the value of quality of life and its impact on business and society. One of the preeminent themes was that performance at work is directly tied to quality of life. The importance of quality of life as a driver of individual and collective progress is explored through the forums below.

Quality of Life is a central and evolving issue in many environments, from the workplace, to schools, to life in general. During the last decade, more and more companies, institutions, politicians and people have started to investigate how the quality of life of employees, clients and more generally citizens can be improved. Can an improved environment in hospitals affect patient recovery rates? Can employee incentives increase performance?

We explored these topics with quality of life thoughtleaders, including Arianna Huffington, during our first international Quality of Life Conference, held in New York City, on May 5-6, 2015. By exploring the new frontiers of performance, the Conference aimed to to engage a collective movement of global leaders
who believe that placing people’s welfare at the heart of society and the economy is a powerful driver of performance for all. The Quality of Life Conference Report recaps the highlights from this conference.

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Quality of Life Conference Spotlight

Space Management

Space ManagementThe space in which we live and work can often times determine how we feel and function. Citizens, patients and workers have seen how a redesign of their physical environments transforms the quality of their lives. How can simple transformations lead to major improvements? Overall environment has the power to uplift and transform people, communities and organizations.


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