Seniors Roundtable Discussion

This past September, Sodexo hosted an executive roundtable to discuss “The Role of Acute Care and Senior Living in an Integrated Healthcare Delivery System.”  This roundtable brought together stakeholders from strategic and geographically aligned acute care and senior living organizations to work collaboratively together to answer the question “How can hospitals and senior living providers work better together?”

Since the introduction of The Affordable Health Care Act and the changing demographics to an older society, collaboration between acute care and senior living providers is now a necessity to not only survive, but also provide the highest quality of care to patients.

Addressed at this inaugural roundtable were opportunities, innovations, and best practices in the industry, which include:
1. Committing to increased communication
2. Sharing useful information voluntarily
3. Encouraging a more comprehensive approach to managed care
4. Prioritizing patient health and well-being

If senior living and acute care partners begin to look at their work through a different lens, patients, residents, and their families will benefit from a better senior care experience.  “The Role of Acute Care and Senior Living in an Integrated Healthcare Delivery System” recaps the highlights from this roundtable discussion.

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