Attracting and retaining talents

Our clients share unique needs and concerns for the comfort, safety and well-being of their remote-based employees and facilities. Sodexo provides services that assist clients in attracting and retaining talents.

Eating well — even at remote locations

Our varied menus are the center of clients’ sites – recharging, relaxing and refueling their workforce to enhance employees’ productivity and improve motivation and retention. This requires:

  • Varied and balanced food options
  • Using sustainable local produce wherever possible
  • Providing choices with reduced sugar, salt and fats
  • Our menu cycles provide relevant nutritional information, allowing residents to make informed nutritional choices.

Cleaning services

Sodexo cleaning services follow proven procedures adhere to specified cleaning schedules.  We use only the safest methods and detergents; color-coded equipment and chemicals to avoid cross-contamination; suitable machinery for each job; and detailed training for our staff. The end results of our cleaning programs:

  • Produce a first class appearance and image of the facilities;
  • Provide residents with a clean environment;
  • Ensure that all areas are safe and hygienic;
  • Preserve the quality of internal fabrics and fixtures;
  • Ensure that dust is controlled


Housekeeping plays an important role in healthy living. We make the beds, change linen at appropriate intervals, monitor the condition of pillows and mattresses, while working unobtrusively to respect the sleeping patterns of shift workers.


Sodexo laundry services at jobsites cover procedures for both residents’ work and personal clothing within strict timeframes as well as procedures for fresh bed linens and towels.


To meet clients’ expectations (and our own) as well as being compliant with industry standards, we conduct daily and weekly meetings and ongoing training sessions regarding our safety policies to ensure that they are properly followed by our teams at all times.

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