Safety first! The only number that counts is zero

Sodexo is serious about safety. Our job is to make each employee as safe and comfortable as possible – assuring the safety of our employees, the guests we look after and the facilities we maintain.

To ensure high safety standards at all our sites our team of five safety specialists implements strict food, occupational and hygiene policies; harmonize our HSE policies with those of our clients’; and develop and implement safety programs with all clients and suppliers

Salus, our global Health and Safety platform implements standardized reporting procedures that accurately track Health & Safety metrics to identify needed actions to prevent incidents.

Sodexo is committed to achieving ZERO harm to the people, environment, organizations and assets we interface with on offshore rigs and at onshore workforce accommodations.  Our focus extends to Work Safety, Food Safety, Environmental and Security considerations. To achieve our vision we adhere to the following practices:

  • All occupational, environmental and food-related incidents can be prevented.
  • All operations must be performed safely and with minimal environmental impact.
  • All personnel have the right and responsibility to stop any work they feel may be unsafe.

Working safely and following company Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental (QHSE) policies and procedures are conditions of employment.

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