Vending and Convenience Service

Quality of Life in vending and convenience services means meeting the needs of your consumers by providing innovative solutions that will refresh, refuel and recharge them. Quality of Life means a transformed workspace where your employees can get a high-quality cup of coffee to start their day; a satisfying, healthy meal to fuel their afternoon; and pick up a few items to take home with them to save a trip after work, truly enhancing their at-work experience. Quality of Life means meeting your students’ needs on campus for a quick snack so they can get to class on time or providing a convenient store to grab some essentials before heading back to their dorm.

Whether a 9-5 workplace or 24/7 campus or hospital setting; Sodexo provides a multitude of ways to address your consumers’ vending and convenience needs.

Transform your workplace, facility or campus with our micro-market concept. We will work with you to build a unique Quality of Life space for your employees, students or visitors to relax, recharge and center themselves. Our micro markets provide an exceptional retail experience with the benefits of targeted product ranging and the speed of self-checkout.

Core Model

Our micro market concept is based on consumer-centricity and allows for flexible branding to fit your company’s personality. Completely customizable and scalable, the micro market can be a replacement or enhancement to your current café or vending service.

Our Hybrid Option – Evolutions

Where space and infrastructure allow it, our Micro Market can be expanded to a hybrid model, integrating a served fresh hot and cold food offering as well as specialty retail.

Why Sodexo?

  • Enhanced employee satisfaction, retention and productivity
  • Health-focused, fresh and unique menu offer driven by consumer preference
  • Open 24/7/365
  • Customizable and scalable
  • Unattended market solution
  • Vending replacement
  • Employee reward and recognition with our Market Card Platform


  • Increased satisfaction +20%
  • Participation +100%
  • Increased sales +50-300%
  • Reduced operating costs -15-200%

Micro Market Video