Vending and Convenience Service

Quality of Life in vending and convenience services means meeting the needs of your consumers by providing innovative solutions that will refresh, refuel and recharge them. Quality of Life means a transformed workspace where your employees can get a high-quality cup of coffee to start their day; a satisfying, healthy meal to fuel their afternoon; and pick up a few items to take home with them to save a trip after work, truly enhancing their at-work experience. Quality of Life means meeting your students’ needs on campus for a quick snack so they can get to class on time or providing a convenient store to grab some essentials before heading back to their dorm.

Whether a 9-5 workplace or 24/7 campus or hospital setting; Sodexo provides a multitude of ways to address your consumers’ vending and convenience needs.


The consumer experience drives our business solutions. In our spirit of innovation, we offer new vending machines that will change the way your consumers think of vending. A state-of-the-art shopping experience, similar to purchasing goods online, allows consumers to purchase multiple items at once via our all-new shopping cart feature and cashless payment options.

Insight-Driven Approach

We use multiple proprietary tools to determine what sells, local preferences and ideal product placement. In addition, we use site demographics and purchasing histories to drive offers incorporating nationally recognized brands, local and regional preferences, new product introductions, and cultural influences and trends.

Leading the Healthy Vending Journey

In addition, we’ve developed a unique vending solution – OPT Healthy – that addresses the consumer demand for healthier products through clearly displayed nutritional criteria, targeted product ranging, both a full OPT machine and zoned approach, consumer educational tools and point-of-sale communications.

Why Sodexo?

  • Innovates to enhance the consumer experience
  • Responsive, professional service
  • Leading-edge technology engages consumers
  • Energy-efficient equipment
  • Wide selection of brands and continuous new product innovation
  • Wellness programs
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Financial transparency and real-time performance reporting


  • Enhanced Consumer satisfaction
  • Optimize inventory and revenue
  • Supports sustainability efforts
  • Enhances consumer health and wellness
  • Increased consumer productivity
  • Dedicated 24/7/365 customer service

OPT Healthy Brochure


OPT Healthy Video