Sodexo Serves Florida State University Community as Students Return to Campus

August 30, 2017

Sodexo will begin its first fall semester on campus with a fully integrated dining program for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Sodexo Serves Florida State University Community as Students Return to Campus

GAITHERSBURG, Md., August 30, 2017 – Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life services, is welcoming the Florida State University (FSU) community back to campus this fall with a wide variety of new dining options. This follows Sodexo’s recent award of FSU’s dining services across campus including residential dining halls, retail venues, athletic training table and concessions contract. Sodexo is providing the campus community with diverse custom venues ranging from a full-service restaurant to a diner and an 18-wheeler food truck, the largest food truck ever built.

Each venue embodies Sodexo’s commitment to health, well-being and academic achievement and will help support FSU’s vision to become a leader in the integration of food services into student academic success.

“Florida State University understands food and dining is critical to our students’ academic and professional success. A healthy, well-fed student is a productive and successful student,” said Kyle Clark, FSU Vice President for Finance and Administration. “Partnering with Sodexo to provide enhanced dining services across our campus is just one of many steps Florida State is taking to ensure our students have every advantage on the road to success.”

Along with offering the nation’s top campus dining programs, Sodexo will be showcasing a new concept called ‘FSUnique’ that aims to differentiate FSU from other Florida state schools and peer institutions. This concept includes:

  • A commitment to culinary transformation led by celebrity chef and Florida State University alumnus Art Smith. Chef Smith will be FSU’s culinary ambassador, contributing his own signature healthy comfort food recipes and working closely with the onsite culinary team to offer locally sourced fresh house-made items across campus.
  • One of the current resident dining halls will be transformed into the Seminole Test Kitchen in spring 2018. Guest chefs will be invited to test new concepts, introduce pioneering recipes and incubate culinary innovations.
  • ‘FSUnique’ signature venues, services and menu items, including locally produced Garnet & Gold tortilla chips, Garnet & Gold Hyppo gourmet frozen fruit bars, FreSh2U home meal kits, Seminole Street Eats Food Truck and the one of a kind venue Community Table, featuring a 24-seat table made out of wood milled from a tree that was struck by lightning on campus in 2015.
  • Increased local sourcing and partnerships with Florida-based producers and business owners.

“As the global leader in Quality of Life services, Sodexo is uniquely positioned to support FSU in its quest to be in the Top 25 Schools nationally and create a culture where dining enhances the student experience on campus,” said Aubry Wooten, Senior Vice President, Sodexo Universities East. “Our holistic range of services provided through these new venues adds greater value than dining services alone. We look forward to fostering a thriving culinary community at FSU, which includes events and festivals celebrating the diverse flavors of Florida and one that engages both the FSU and Tallahassee area communities.”



Sodexo USA is an American business that is part of a global, Fortune 500 company with a presence in 80 countries. Delivering more than 100 services across North America that enhance organizational performance, contribute to local communities and improve quality of life, Sodexo is a leading provider of sustainable, integrated facilities management and food service operations. It employs 123,000 Americans at 12,500 sites across the country and indirectly supports tens of thousands of additional U.S. jobs through its annual purchases of $9.2 billion in goods and services from small to large American businesses. In support of local communities across the U.S., the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation has contributed close to $30 million over the past 20 years to help feed children in America impacted by hunger.

Learn more about Sodexo at its corporate blog, Sodexo Insights.

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