Vendor Portal—Invoice Tracking

Access the Invoice Status Look-Up application and see how easy it is to inquire on an invoice.

The platform is efficient, provides up-to-date invoice information.

Now live! Enhanced features and expanded data to the Invoice Status Look-Up Tool:

  • Search ranges of multiple invoices at once instead of one invoice at a time
  • Ability to register for multiple vendor numbers on one log-in
  • Access invoice status regardless of how they were submitted (electronically or hard copy)
  • Ability to retrieve Payment Remittance
  • Export search results 

Check out this helpful job aid to learn about the new features. If you haven’t used the tool before, you will need to create an account and the job aid includes instructions to help you get started.

***If you are a Sodexo employee, access the E=nterprise Analysis on Sodexo Net.***