Communities for Health

A healthier workforce initiative designed to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities.


What is Communities for Health?

A healthier workforce initiative that offers trained lifestyle coaches, wellness classes led by a Sodexo registered dietitian, and incentives/rewards that help you achieve your organizational health and wellness goals.

What is unique about Communities for Health?

Sodexo and the YMCA formed a strategic partnership to offer employers a new and innovative approach to workforce wellness that will yield a clear return on investment.

We don’t take a one-size fits all approach or attempt to engage your employees “virtually”. That does not work. We take an employee-centric approach by offering personalized care and support for your employees and their family.

We designed a comprehensive and fully integrated workforce wellness solution that meets the specific needs of every employee with the ultimate goal of supporting healthy lifestyles and sustaining positive behaviors over the long term.

Program objectives:

  • To engage workforces, through their employers, in general health and wellness activities by building an environment of support both at work and in their family/community, which includes targeted incentives and rewards through local and national establishments focused on health & well-being;

  • To support employees according to their health risk levels and readiness to improve health habits, with an immediate connection of participants to their appropriate solution for disease prevention or intervention;

  • To increase engagement and reach into the community by building in an opportunity to have each participant bring a personal supporter, member of their family or household or someone they have identified who needs access to these services; and

  • To improve the health of workforce participants and decrease their associated employee and employer healthcare costs.