Balancing meal options

We will advocate balancing meal options at all client sites.

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Why Does Sodexo Engage?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has found that obesity has more than doubled since 1980*. We know that nutrition is essential for health and development. Better Nutrition means stronger immune systems and fewer illnesses, faster healing, better learning, better overall health and higher Quality of Life.

* Source: World Health Organization 2015.

How Does Sodexo Engage?

Sodexo dietitians and chefs collaborate to develop healthy meal choices that can be adopted at company-managed sites globally.

The “10 Golden Rules” are a set of guiding principles focused on nutrition, health and wellness that guide Sodexo’s offers and promote healthy lifestyle behaviors with consumers. They are based on nutritional recommendations and applied according to an in-depth understanding of local nutritional contexts and needs.

More commitments to promote and encourage healthier choices:

Health and Wellness

Quality of Life is enhanced when we work, learn, visit and live in spaces designed and maintained in a way that supports health and wellness.

Less Sugar, Salt and Fats

Many countries’ populations have intake levels of sugar, salt and fats that are higher than both international and national recommendations. Sodexo is helping address this.



'EquiLunch' is a menu option offers delicious, healthy, vegetable-based meals to our consumers.


of client sites implemented actions that proactively address the Sodexo 10 Golden Rules of Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

Sodexo Fiscal Year 2016