The Quality of Life Forum

Quality of Life is a central and evolving issue in many environments, from the workplace, to schools, to life in general.  More and more companies and organizations have begun researching the connection between the quality of life of employees and clients to their overall bottom line. The results have been that an increase in the overall quality of life of employees and clients leads to increased productivity. In practical terms, quality of life provides men and women with reasons to feel better and more respected; it speeds up their progress, and by extension, that of society as well.

With this in mind, we have launched a new weekly discussion series on how companies and organizations can create a workplace that is as much about living is it about working. Each week, we’ll highlight workplace news, trends and/or research on factors that impact the employee experience and workplace culture.  Each of these discussion topics will available on this page. Through this discussion, we hope to provide crowd-sourced insight on how smart companies can create a workplace culture that enhances the employee’s experience, facilitates work, increases productivity and even provides inspiration.

This page provides an opportunity for companies to examine trends impacting the workforce and discuss how to create a work experience where employees are energized, engaged & productive by enhancing quality of life.

You can view our current and previous discussion topics below. Join the discussion and stay tuned for more engaging quality of life topics!