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February 1
Morgan State University
Baltimore, MD
Attendees: Amanda St. John, Derren Thompson

February 6
CIA Career Fair
Hyde Park, NY
Attendees: Sonceree’ Howard, Timothy MacTurk, James Wedderman

February 15-18
NSMH National Conference
Chicago, IL
Attendees: Michelle Robinson, Derren Thompson, Samantha Ghazi, Amanda St. John, Debbi Oryszak, Julie Veleber, Trisha Gary, David Miller, Rahel Hagos, Darla Mayse, Samantha Ghazi, Maya Boyd

February 21
University of South Carolina HRTM Career Fair
Columbia, SC 
Attendee: Danielle King

February 22
CSU Northern California Hospitality & Tourism Career Expo
San Francisco, CA
Attendees: Colleen McKie, Mahlet Tesfatsion, HeeBong Hyun

February 25-27
2018 MarketConnect
Charlotte, NC
Attendees: Danielle King

February 27
ACF Regional Connect
Charlotte, NC
Attendees: Danielle King, local operators

February 28
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA
Attendees: Kaitlin Challis


March 15
Johnson & Wales 42nd Annual Career Expo
Providence, RI
Attendees: David Miller, Cassie Bruner

March 17-18
Clinical Nutrition Manager CNM DPG Symposium
Albuquerque, NM
Attendees: Mindi Gale

March 20
ACF Regional Connect
Newport Beach, CA
Attendees: Tracie Hoffman, local operators

March 20-22
National Facilities Management and Technology Conference & Exposition
Baltimore, MD
Attendees: Jennifer Tschilar, Lisa Curry

March 20-22
IFMA Facility Fusion US
Chicago, IL
Attendees: Scott Sherman, Michelle Robinson, Carlos Castro

March 22
Johnson & Wales Hospitality & Food Service Spring Expo
Charlotte, NC
Attendees:  Danielle King

March 22
Florida International University Business Career Fair
Miami, FL 
Attendees: Cassie Heitz

March 28
Georgia Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Conference
Atlanta, GA
Attendees: Patricia Moore


April 4-6
MD Expo
Nashville, TN
Attendees: Suzanne Harvey, TBD

April 6
Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Conference
Harrisburg, PA
Attendees: Leah Curry

April 12-14
Texas Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Conference
Houston, TX
Attendees: Bina Vachhani

April 27
Michigan Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Conference
Bay City, MI
Attendees: Lynette Maxey


May 3-5
California Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Conference
Pomona, CA
Attendees: Lisa Schmeck


June 1-4
AAMI 2018 Conference and Expo
Long Beach, CA
Attendees: TBD


July 15-16
Florida Food & Nutrition Symposium
Orlando, FL
Attendees: TBD

July 17 -18
ACF National Conference
New Orleans, LA
Attendees: TBD



October 20-23
Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo
Washington DC
Attendees: TBD

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