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How far will your ambition, talent and dedication take you? We encourage and support continuous learning with a variety of opportunities to add to your existing know-how, acquire new skills, change professions and prepare for career growth and mobility. 

As a global company, we consider international mobility as a vehicle for promoting synergy and innovation, and as a powerful force for the personal and professional fulfillment of our employees.

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Develop your career with a mentor

Sodexo's Spirit of Mentoring program offers employees the opportunity to help one another develop through collaboration, goal achievement and problem solving. Mentoring is a developmental partnership through which partners share perspectives as they foster personal and professional growth.


More than 100 formal mentoring partnerships are formed each year for the IMPACT program. Many mentors serve as a resource for their mentee’s development for years after.


Peer-to-peer mentoring is one of the company's informal mentoring initiatives managed directly by Employee Business Resource Groups


The Spirit of Mentoring Bridge Programs are informal divisional pairings in which newly hired and frontline managers come together to expand professional development opportunities, and to increase the depth and diversity of Sodexo's management.

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