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How far will your ambition, talent and dedication take you? We encourage and support continuous learning with a variety of opportunities to add to your existing know-how, acquire new skills, change professions and prepare for career growth and mobility. 

As a global company, we consider international mobility as a vehicle for promoting synergy and innovation, and as a powerful force for the personal and professional fulfillment of our employees.

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Learning and Performance is one of the many concrete ways we deliver on our commitment to invest in you. With online tools, you can plan your development, keep track of your performance goals and make use of thousands of resources to shape your future and grow with the company.

Development and Learning Tools:

Sodexo GO!

Sodexo GO!

Sodexo GO! Get Onboard is a blended curriculum with e-Learning and classroom events combined with tools and resources to enhance your career development and onboarding experience.

This program is aligned with Sodexo’s organizational model and divided into three sections:



Sodexo’s LEADER program (formerly Emerging Leaders) is a six-month leadership development program targeted toward future Sodexo leaders who are looking to advance their leadership role through enrichment opportunities.

The goal of the program is to strengthen future leaders in developing strategic and tactical leadership skills. The primary areas of focus are:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Achieve Global Mindset
  • Networking for Results
  • Influencing the Business
Global FM Academy

Global FM Academy

Global FM Academy will help our managers grow and oversee Facilities Management in their accounts, positively impact the Quality of Life of our consumers, the performance of our clients, as well as their own personal and professional development and that of their teams. The Global FM Academy is made up of a series of courses that are delivered over an extended period.

“Participating in the Global FM Academy has helped me gain a solid understanding of the wide range of Sodexo’s FM capabilities and our global vision and strategy in the FM market.”

Tracy Higuera
Project Manager / Interim Program Manager
Sodexo Government Services



"I would highly recommend that every Sodexo General Manager attend the Global FM Academy. I have been with Sodexo for 14 years in Facilities; however, I was amazed to learn that there is a tremendous amount that I did not know about the Sodexo FM offerings.”

Randy Wilkins
General Manager 5 Environmental Services / Custodial
On-site Service Solutions


GM and DM Curriculum

GM and DM Curriculum

The General Manager (GM) and District Manager (DM) curriculum is designed to poise and position senior leaders for success during various touch points of their career-from the start up process to efficiently and effectively running a profitable business.

The curriculum is made up of two phases: 

  • GM/DM Foundations is designed for leaders who are new to the role, seeking foundational knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the role.
  • GM/DM Core provides leaders who have been in their role for at least two years the opportunity to further develop their skills.  

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Learning and Performance Receives the Silver and Bronze Medals for Best Onboarding Program and Best Leadership Training Program

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