Job Environments

Hear what employees say

It’s hard work: Cooking, cleaning, standing, bending, lifting for 12 hour shifts and the work sites are far from home, so why do it? Sodexo employees offer their perspectives on the work and what attracts them to it.

Veronica BooneVeronica Boone – Onshore Camp Boss
"I help manage Sodexo onshore sites in North Dakota and Texas and travel long distances to get there. Being away from home is hard but I know that someone back home depends upon me. You have to leave home with determination that you are coming to do a good job and not let yourself or others down. With Skype etc., you can keep in contact with friends and family when off duty. Also, you inherit a new family when on site –- both your Sodexo teammates and the client personnel you serve and live with.”

Michelle PrimusMichelle Primus – Offshore Camp Boss
"I started with Sodexo as a utility worker, then became a galley worker, night cook, then steward, and now I am a Camp Boss. I appreciate all the opportunities I have been given, and I want to do my best out here. I learned early on that for offshore workers, their day starts in the galley with a good meal and friendly service. That’s what matters most to me when I get up each day.”
Michael PitreMichael Pitre – Galley Worker
"The Gulf is a special place, and it takes particular people to feel at home out here. I like riding the boat out, flying on helicopters, being on the water, and meeting so many interesting people. My job challenges me each day to do my best. I like what I do, and I like being a part of Sodexo.”
Gilbert PiggGilbert Pigg – Utility Specialist
"I like being out here and doing my job. My day starts at 4:30 in the morning when I get up. I like the pace and the routine all day long, and I like the people on the rig. It is a lot of fun to work here. Shift change days are a challenge, when one group is leaving and another group is coming in, I know what I need to do, and I go from room to room making sure everything is clean and ready to go. I try to go one step above and beyond what is expected.”

Medardo VelasquezMedardo Velasquez – Warehouse Shift Supervisor
Medardo started as a receiving clerk before becoming a shift supervisor. He knows every job in the warehouse, which contributes, to his success. “I focus on doing things the right way. I really enjoy my job and what I enjoy most is being with everyone I work with and helping our customers. I try to take a day at a time and just be myself.”