Corporate governance

Sodexo is fully compliant with all corporate governance principles and applies them faithfully to best practices in France, location of its headquarters. In 2004, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer became separate functions.

The Committee meets once a month, and is the linchpin of the Group’s management structure.

Led by Michel Landel, the Executive Committee recommends strategies to the Board of Directors and supervises the implementation of these strategies once they have been approved by the Board. The Executive Committee tracks the implementation of action plans, monitors business unit performance and assesses the potential benefits and risks of growth opportunities.

Michel Landel

Michel Landel

Sodexo Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Committee Member of Sodexo’s Board of Directors

Michel Landel was born in 1951 in Morocco to a Russian mother and French father; his multicultural background led him naturally to an international career.

He graduated from the European Business School in Paris and began his career as a financial analyst at Chase Manhattan Bank, first in the UK, then in the Ivory Coast. He subsequently joined construction companyPoliet, today part of Saint-Gobain, where he managed a factory in Lorraine.

Michel Landel joined Sodexo in 1984 as Operations Manager for Eastern and North Africa. In 1986, he was promoted to Director for Remote Sites operations in Africa. In 1989 he moved to the U.S. to manage Sodexo’s North American operations. He became CEO for Sodexo in North America in 1999 and in February 2000, was named Vice-Chairman of the Group’s Executive Committee.

For 17 years, Michel Landel worked to build Sodexo’s position in North America, including driving the 1998 merger between Sodexo and Marriott Management Services, then the number one foodservices company in the U.S. Under his leadership, Sodexo became the market leader in North America, where today the Group generates 43% of its revenues and is the largest French employer, with 132,000 people.

In 2005, Michel Landel was appointed CEO of Sodexo Group. Since then, he has led Sodexo’s transformation to become the global leader in Quality of Life services.

One of Michel Landel’s top priorities as a manager has always been to foster the human factor within the larger organization. He has committed Sodexo to programs contributing to economic, social and environmental development wherever it operates. Sodexo’s STOP Hunger program to combat hunger, malnutrition and food waste, launched in the U.S. in 1996 under his sponsorship, is now deployed in 42 countries and celebrates this year its 20th anniversary.

Michel Landel’s commitment to diversity and inclusion has resulted in the organization being considered a recognized leader in the area. Under Landel’s leadership, Sodexo was honored with the prestigious 2012 Catalyst Award for its diversity and inclusion strategy that resulted in systemic cultural change for the organization. Sodexo was also ranked #1 in 2010 and #2 in 2011. Sodexo was ranked #1 on the DiversityInc business index of Top Companies for Diversity & Inclusion in 2013 and #2 in 2012.

In addition, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index has named Sodexo a Global Sustainability Leader for twelve consecutive years.

Landel has received many distinguished honors including the CEO Leadership Award from Diversity Best Practices and the CEO Advocate of the Year award from Asian Enterprise magazine. In 2016, at the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles awards, Michel Landel was awarded the CEO Leadership Award. He is a Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor, sits on the Catalyst Board of Directors, and plays a leadership role in the Women’s Forum CEO Champions.

Michel Landel figures on Harvard Business Review’s 2016 ranking of The Best-Performing CEOs in the World (61 in the top 100 worldwide).

Michel Landel is French.
His interests include sports, travel and cooking.

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  • Local Growth and Development: An Era of New Priorities
    "Today, many business leaders are finding ways to increase proximity to local markets. Although this strategy is not easy to roll out, it can certainly lead to improved efficiency and a better bottom line." - Michel Landel

  • The new frontier of performance
    "The challenge everywhere is how to reconcile individual needs with the goals of organizations; how to recognize that organizations are also places where people live their lives; and how to place primary emphasis on what improves quality of life." - Michel Landel

  • Towards a more human economy
    "Our beliefs are increasingly shared by economic decision-makers: 66% of business leaders are totally convinced of the importance of quality of life and 57% recognise its significant impact on an organisation’s performance.
    This vision of a more people-centric economy governs Sodexo’s internal practices and our relations with the communities where we operate."
    - Michel Landel

  • Publication of the authorization concerning the commitment made to Michel Landel, in accordance with Article R. 225-34-1 of the French Commercial Code
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Patrick E. Connolly

Patrick E. Connolly

CEO Schools and Universities Worldwide

Patrick Connolly was appointed Chief Executive Officer, Universities Worldwide in January 2015, adding the Schools segment to that responsibility in September 2016. He has been a member of the Group’s Executive Committee since 2014.

Patrick Connolly joined Sodexo in 1989 in the Schools Division, beginning in business development and then leading strategy and offer development. In 1995, he moved to the Health Care Division and held a variety of roles including brand support, operations and division leadership.

In 2001, he was appointed President of Sodexo Senior Services establishing himself as a key partner to the Senior Living industry, demonstrating strong commitment to quality care for the elderly. During his time in that role, he chaired the Leadership Circle of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA), worked on the Institute for Aging Services’ Advisory Commission, and played an important role in assisting the International Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (IAHSA) in expanding in Europe. Patrick currently sits on the Board of Directors of Comfort Keepers, a leading in-home care company. He also was the Chair of the Sodexo Senior Living Market Champions, responsible for development of the Seniors’ market worldwide.

From 2007, Patrick was President, Sodexo Health Care, North America. He served on the board of the National Center of Healthcare Leadership (NCHL), a leading organization that assures that high quality, relevant and accountable leadership is available to meet the challenges of delivering quality patient healthcare. He was also a member of Health Insights, a forum for Chief Executive Officers that identifies emerging health industry trends and develops strategies to meet them. He sat on the Steering Committee of the ESSEC International Business School, Quality of Daily Life Institute study—a forum for reflection and understanding of the issues that influence quality of life.

Patrick’s commitment to improving quality of life extends to the community. He has demonstrated a deep commitment to Sodexo Foundation’s STOP Hunger initiative and has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Greater Washington Region chapter of the American Heart Association.

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Business from Western Illinois University and a Master of Management from the J. L. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Patrick is American.

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Lorna C. Donatone

Lorna C. Donatone

CEO Geographic Regions and Region Chair for North America

Lorna Donatone is Sodexo’s CEO for Geographic Regions and Region Chair for North America. She has been a member of the Group’s Executive Committee since 2014. As CEO Geographic Regions, Donatone is responsible for the coordination of businesses around the world. In North America, she leads Sodexo’s growth in the U.S. and Canada.

Before moving to her current role, Lorna was CEO for Schools worldwide, managing the K-12 business in 42 countries. Prior to that, she served as Chief Operating Officer and President of Sodexo’s U.S. Education market, which includes nearly 500 public school districts and more than 850 college and university campuses. She has held several other key leadership roles in the company, including President of School Services and President of Spirit Cruises. Lorna has been instrumental in developing Sodexo’s Employee Business Resource Groups, with a commitment to diversity, inclusion, mentorship and training employees. She began her career in public accounting with Deloitte & Touche and has worked in the airline, banking and hightech industries.

Lorna demonstrates her leadership through her community and industry involvement. She has served as a board member of the National Restaurant Association since 2005 and became a trustee of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation in 2011, where she is currently Chair of the Board. Lorna is Past Chair of the Board of Directors of the Women’s Foodservice Forum. She was elected as a member of the Board of Trustees for The Culinary Institute of America in 2008. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Jamba Juice, Inc. Lorna also chairs the Texas Christian University Neeley School of Business International Board of Visitors and is a member of the Tulane University Business School Council. She previously served as a member of the Board of Directors for Entertainment Cruises.

Lorna was recognized by NAFEM in 2013 with a doctorate in foodservice. She received the Ascendancy Award by in 2010 for her work in mentoring women. Girls, Inc. recognized her in 2009 for her work in empowering young women. In 2015, she received the Trailblazer Award from the Women’s Foodservice Forum.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Management from Tulane University and a Master of Business Administration from Texas Christian University.

Lorna is American.

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Pierre Henry

Pierre Henry

Vice-President of the Group Executive Committee and CEO Sports & Leisure Worldwide

Pierre Henry has been CEO of Sports & Leisure Worldwide since September 2015 and a member of Sodexo’s Executive Committee since 2005. Prior to his current roles, he has held many leadership positions within the Group, including Group Chief Operating Officer from 2005 to 2014, and Chairman of Benefits and Rewards Services and Personal and Home Services from 2007 to 2016. Indeed, Pierre made a very significant contribution to the development of the three activities – On-Site Services, Benefits & Rewards Services and Personal Home Services – which make up Sodexo’s unique Quality of Life services offer.

Pierre joined Sodexo in 1980 as regional Manager for French-speaking Belgium, before heading up the Sales Department, and taking up the role of Managing Director for Belgium from 1987. His teams diversified Sodexo’s service offering with the successful launch of the Gift Pass – between 1987 and 1993, issue volume increased by 50% per year. When the Pass ALE (Local Agency for Employment) was launched in 1993 — enabling the long-term unemployed to be paid for domestic services — Sodexo became the first company in Belgium and in Europe to provide solutions that optimize public funding management.

From 1993, in addition to his role, Pierre headed up the Central European region. In this role, he supervised the launch of operations in Hungary and Austria, and later in the Czech Republic, followed by Poland and Slovakia. From 2000, Pierre headed up the Western Europe, Asia and North Africa regions. Among others, he worked with the European team on the launch of operations in the United Kingdom, generating a return on investments in just 12 months.

Pierre became CEO of Benefits & Rewards Services in January 2004. Under his leadership, Benefits & Rewards Services improved their performance, taking the leadership position in the market through the development of three types of offers – advantages for employees, incentive programs and public funding – and an extensive range of innovative services (Meal Pass, Transport Pass, Health Pass, Culture Pass, etc.).

While making Sodexo a world leader in Benefits & Rewards Services, Pierre also played a major part in growing our Personal and Home Services. He also headed up our On-site Services activity in South America between 2006 and 2012, where he notably contributed to strengthening our leadership, especially in Brazil and in our Remote Sites business.

In 2010, Pierre also became responsible for our Onsite Services activity in Continental Europe, where the Group still has major development potential. In that role, Pierre reinforced the links between the various parts of the Group and facilitated the development of an integrated offer.

More recently, up to September 2016, Pierre established the Chairman of Geographic Regions position, which is now playing a key role in our organization. Pierre is still responsible for the DACH region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), in coordination with Adrienne Axler.

Pierre is Belgian and speaks French and English.

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Nicolas Japy

Nicolas Japy

CEO Energy & Resources Worldwide

Nicolas joined Sodexo in 1991 as director of its Congo subsidiary. Two years later, he was appointed director for Saudi Arabia, where he notably improved the performance of this historic subsidiary. In 1997 he was promoted to director for Africa, with responsibility for establishing dynamic development in the continent’s countries.

After seven years with Sodexo, Nicolas left to take a position as head of Club Med’s US operations. In 2001, he accepted an offer to return to Sodexo to run its Remote Sites business, where he redefined its strategy, unified its teams around the Group’s values and achieved profitable growth.

In 2005, the Group entrusted Nicolas with new responsibilities in addition to Remote Sites. He achieved profitability in Australia and drove development forward in Southeast Asia, particularly in the field of facilities management. In 2009, Nicolas was also given responsibility for all On-site Services operations in India after Sodexo’s acquisition of Radhakrishna Hospitality Services Group (RKHS), India’s leading provider of food and facilities management services.

Under Nicolas’s leadership, Sodexo has become the world’s number two in the Remote Sites segment and considerably strengthened its leadership in emerging countries.

Nicolas began his professional career in 1982 when he joined BEICIP, a consulting subsidiary of the French Petroleum Institute. He subsequently worked for the regional airline TAT, then Air Vendee as CEO.

Nicolas holds a degree in engineering.

He is French and speaks English, beside French.

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Denis Machuel

Denis Machuel

Group Chief Digital Officer and Deputy CEO of Sodexo

Denis Machuel was born in 1964 in Reims, France. He is a graduate of the ENSIMAG College of Engineering in Grenoble, France, and holds a Master of Science from Texas A&M University.

Throughout his career, Denis has had an international focus and has sought out entrepreneurial opportunities working in large multinational firms.

Denis began his professional life at Schneider Electric in Egypt, before moving to become a consultant with innovation and technology consultancy Altran, with Dassault Electronique as client. He stayed 16 years with Altran, holding a range of senior positions, including CEO of Altran Technologies UK, when he created the subsidiary and built this UK business from scratch. He also served as CEO of Altran Technologies France, developing the global client portfolio, and as Director Offshore Strategy and Operations where he started to build the company’s global offshore business.

Denis joined Sodexo in 2007, as CEO of Benefits & Rewards Services for Central & Eastern Europe, where he reinforced Sodexo’s position as regional leader in this activity. In 2010, he moved to lead Sodexo’s Benefits & Rewards Services in Europe and Asia, and in January 2012, he became CEO of Sodexo Benefits & Rewards worldwide.

During Denis’ tenure as CEO of Benefits & Rewards, issue volume and revenues have increased organically on average by 9% per year and operating profit has increased organically on average by more than 12% per year. Over the same 5 year period, activities were opened up in 6 new countries, and 15 acquisitions were made in Europe, the US and Latin America.

Denis joined the Sodexo Group Executive Committee in January 2014. He gained additional exposure to Sodexo’s On-Site Services business and particularly to the Group’s transformation, from a country-based structure to one based on global client segments. He was also appointed Group Chief Digital Officer in January 2015, a cross-functional role supporting Sodexo’s digital transformation across its 3 activities.

In September 2016, Denis was also nominated CEO of Personal and Home Services, an activity which was launched in 2008 to complement Sodexo’s global service offering, encompassing childcare, in-home care for elderly and dependent persons and concierge services.

Denis is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion in all its aspects. He is an executive sponsor of the Sodexo Diverse! network, which promotes gender diversity initiatives, particularly around work-life balance, personal development and cross-companies best practices sharing.

As Sponsor of the Sodexo Disability Voice task force, Denis has strengthened Sodexo’s commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities within the organization. In 2016, he signed the International Labor Organization’s Global Business Disability Network Charter on behalf of Sodexo – the first global charter on disability inclusion in the workplace. He also volunteers outside of Sodexo for causes that are important to him personally.

In addition, Denis led the initiative to offer Mindfulness and meditation practices for Benefits & Rewards teams, in line with his conviction that promoting work-life balance contributes to quality of life. He is an active meditator himself.

A French national, Denis is fluent in English.

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Satya-Christophe Menard

Satya-Christophe Menard

Chief Executive Officer, Service Operations Worldwide

Since September 2015, Satya-Christophe has been Chief Executive Officer Sodexo Service Operations Worldwide. He has also been a member of the Group Executive Committee since January 2014.

Service Operations regroups all communities of Sodexo experts that support our teams at our clients premises, such as; Culinary experts, Chefs, dieticians, cleaning technicians, HVAC engineers, electricians etc., as they all are key members of Service Operations as well as the Supply Chain, IS&T and Safety experts, all under one single umbrella. Working together on a global scale, Service Operations
leverages Sodexo’s size and know-how to deliver a high standard of quality service, creating more value for our clients while enhancing a “Quality of Live” experience for the communities we serve.

Satya-Christophe joined Sodexo Pass International in 1998 and in 1999, became Chief Financial Officer of Sodexo Pass for Western Europe. In 2002 he was appointed General Manager of Sodexo Pass Romania. Then, in 2006 he was promoted to General Manager Central & Eastern Europe for Sodexo Pass International, overseeing Benefits & Rewards operations in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Romania and Bulgaria.

In 2007 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer South America, On-site Services. Under his tenancy revenues increased fourfold in 4 years and he led the acquisition and integration of Puras in Brazil, where he was serving as acting CEO from 2011 until 2013.

Satya-Christophe began his professional career in 1992 at BNP Paribas Bank Montreal before moving to France in 1994 as a Corporate Sales Representative still at BNP Paribas Bank.

Satya-Christophe holds a post-graduate degree in finance from Paris X Nanterre University, Paris, and a master degree in management from Paris IX Dauphine University, Paris. Until 2012, he was an economic advisor to the French Embassy in Chile.

Satya-Christophe is French and speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese beside French.

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Sylvia Metayer

Sylvia Metayer

CEO Corporate Services Worldwide

Sylvia Metayer has been CEO Corporate Services worldwide and a member of the Group’s Executive Committee since 2015.

Sylvia first joined Sodexo in 2006 as Group Financial Controller, designing and implementing tools, processes and systems, based on International Financial Reporting Standards [IFRS], for financial consolidation and management reporting. She was later appointed CFO for Sodexo’s On-Site Services operations in Europe, taking an active part in the preparation of large, complex tenders.

From 2010, prior to her current role, Sylvia Metayer headed up Sodexo’s International Large Accounts, developing Sodexo’s key Corporate clients. During her time in that role, she signed and renewed major global contracts, including Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Nokia, Shell and General Electric, as well as other large regional or multi country contracts.

In her current role as CEO of Sodexo’s Corporate Services segment, Sylvia heads up a global team of 120,000 employees, whose mission is to improve the quality of life of people working in a corporate environment, in 60 countries.

Sylvia began her professional career as an auditor in the Paris office of Arthur Andersen before going on to hold key financial positions with Danone, Mattel and Vivendi. Before joining Sodexo, Sylvia was Chief Operating Officer at Houghton Mifflin, a Boston-based educational publisher.

Sylvia is a trustee of the Quebec Labrador Foundation, a member of the European Professional Women’s Network and of HEC au Féminin, and serves on the Research Orientation Committee at HEC. She is also a former Board Member of the New England Franco American Chamber of Commerce. Within Sodexo, Sylvia is a founding member of SWIFT, the Group’s women network, and is a sponsor of PRIDE, Sodexo’s LGBT network. In 2016, she was one of the “Top 100 Women to Watch” in the Cranfield University/KPMG Female FTSE Board Report.

Sylvia holds a business degree from the French Ecole des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC). She’s also a graduate of Queen’s University, Canada and of the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Sylvia is French/British/Canadian, and speaks French and English.

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Marc Plumart

Marc Plumart

CEO Healthcare & Seniors Worldwide

Marc Plumart is CEO of Healthcare & Seniors Worldwide. He was appointed to the Group’s Executive Committee in May 2017.

Marc joined Sodexo in 1992 and has held positions in a majority of Sodexo’s business segments. From 2003 to 2006 he was responsible for our Education business in France, before heading up Healthcare France from 2006 to 2014. He was appointed CEO France in 2014, where he was responsible for all of Sodexo’s business lines with 40,000 employees serving at more than 4,000 client sites.

In 2016, Marc became CEO of the global Seniors segment, which serves the seniors and disabled industries in 24 countries. He was appointed CEO for global Healthcare in May 2017. Sodexo Healthcare operates in 39 countries. As CEO for the two global segments, Marc leads more than 77,000 employees to deliver quality of life services that help patients and residents recover, age well and live their best lives.

Marc has a Master of Science in Agronomy from the Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture in France. He also holds a Master’s Degree in food science and consumer marketing from University College Dublin.

Marc is French and lives in the United States. He speaks English and Spanish.

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Marc Rolland

Marc Rolland

Group Chief Financial Officer

Marc Rolland has been Sodexo’s Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Group’s Executive Committee since December, 2015.

Since he joined Sodexo in 1997, Marc held several positions and gained detailed insights into all Group businesses. Prior to his current role, he held finance positions in Remote Sites and in the UK, before becoming CFO, On-site Services for Continental Europe and South America. Marc was also CFO, Benefits and Rewards Services for seven years.

Marc joined Sodexo in 1997 as Finance Director for Africa, within the Remote sites activity.

In 2000, he was promoted Finance Director of what was named at the time Universal Sodexo for Africa, Europe and Eurasia and then Finance Director for the Business & Industry activity in the UK in 2004.

Marc joined Sodexo Benefits and Rewards as CFO in 2004 adding in 2007 the Finance supervision of Personal and Home Services and the South America On-site activities. He also became CFO Continental Europe for On-site Services in 2009.

In 2012, Marc was appointed President, Benefits and Rewards Services for Asia, and successfully developed emerging markets in Asia, opening new operations in Taiwan in 2014 and in Singapore in 2015.

Marc started his professional career in 1990 at Bull, where he held several positions in Finance in India, South Africa and France. He later became a financial controller for Eastern Europe at General Electric Medical Systems.

Marc holds a post-graduate degree in Finance from the Dauphine University in Paris, France.

Marc is French and speaks English, beside French.

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Dianne Salt

Dianne Salt

Group Chief Brand and Communications Officer

Dianne Salt has been Sodexo’s Group Chief Brand and Communications Officer and a member of Sodexo’s Executive Committee since April 2017. Prior to joining Sodexo, she held communications and public affairs roles in Canada’s public and private sectors, most notably in financial services and energy and resources.

Dianne spent the first 11 years of her career in the public sector with communications roles at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the House of Commons and the Senate, before joining Imperial Oil, the Canadian subsidiary of Exxon Mobil in 1998. She joined TD Bank Group in 2001, where she took on increasingly senior roles including Senior Vice President of Corporate and Public Affairs. In 2013, Dianne moved to the Royal Bank of Canada to lead the global communications team as the Senior Vice President, Communications.

Dianne holds an Honors Bachelor of Journalism Degree with a minor in French Literature from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She is an Accredited Public Relations professional.

Dianne is a Canadian citizen and is fluently bilingual in English and French.

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Aurélien Sonet

Aurélien Sonet

CEO Benefits and Rewards Services Worldwide

Aurélien Sonet has been CEO of Benefits and Rewards Services Worldwide and a member of the Group’s Executive Committee since September 2017.

Aurélien joined Sodexo in 2000 and held various functional and operational roles within Sodexo’s Benefits & Rewards Services activity until 2010. Over this 10-year period, he first held responsibilities in Finance, then headed up Strategic Planning, Marketing and Communications for the activity, before becoming CEO of the French subsidiary. In 2010, Aurélien took on the position of Global Executive Vice President for Strategy, Brand and Communications at Group level. In 2013, he moved to Singapore to develop business with our International Strategic Accounts in Asia Pacific, and successfully deployed major contracts across the region.
In 2015, Aurélien was appointed Region Chair for Asia Pacific, making a key contribution to the development of Sodexo in the region.

Aurélien started his professional career as a financial auditor for Deloitte. He is a graduate from the École Centrale de Lyon Engineering school.

Aurélien is French and speaks English.

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Juan Pablo Urruticoechea

Juan Pablo Urruticoechea

Group Chief Human Resources Officer

Juan Pablo Urruticoechea has been Sodexo’s Chief Human Resources Officer and a member of the Group’s Executive Committee since January 2017. Prior to his current role, Juan Pablo had held several leadership roles in Sodexo’s On-Site Services business, thereby gaining thorough insights into the Group.

Juan Pablo joined Sodexo in 2004 to head up the Corporate segment in Spain. A year on, he became CEO of Sodexo On-Site Services in Spain and Portugal, where he successfully launched Facilities Management services. Juan Pablo then took on the role of CEO On-Site Services in Brazil in 2013.

Juan Pablo started his career in 1987 in the Cadbury Schweppes Group, as Product Manager and Marketing Manager, before joining Diageo in Spain as VP Sales. He later headed up Marketing for the Europe Region at British Telecom, before joining Telefonica as Chief Marketing Officer in 2002.

Juan Pablo holds a PhD cum laude in political philosophy and a Master in journalism from the University of Navarra, as well as an MBA from the IESE Business School in Barcelona.

Juan Pablo is Spanish and speaks English and Portuguese beside Spanish.

Biography of Juan Pablo Urruticoechea (PDF, 103 Kb, new window) Download Juan Pablo Urruticoechea's biography


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Damien Verdier

Damien Verdier

Group Chief Strategy, Organization, Development, Research & Innovation Officer

Damien Verdier has been Group Marketing Director with responsibility for supply chain, client retention and offer marketing since 2005 and has also been responsible for Sustainable Development since September 2008.
Damien joined Sodexo France, On-site Services, in 1979 and held various positions as Sector then Regional Director.

Appointed Director of Operations for the Corporate Segment in France in 1991, he became its Director in 1993. In a difficult economic environment, he put in place a quality improvement and cost reduction plan that significantly improved profitability. He also implemented the first sub-segmenting initiative, with specialized teams and offers that were tailored to the specific needs of different clients.

In 1998, Damien was promoted to CEO, Sodexo France. He expanded implementation of an operational organization that was closer to clients, applying the sub-segmentation approach to the Education and Health Care markets. He centralized functional structures and created a shared services center. Under his direction, Sodexo regained the po¬sition as France’s market leader.

In 2003, Damien was appointed Director of Strategy for Continental Europe, responsible for supporting European countries in applying key Group initiatives.

Damien was President of the National Foodservices Association (France) from 2001 to 2006 and Vice-President of the European Foodservices Federation (Ferco). He is an active member within MEDEF (France’s largest employers’ organization) and chairs the working group on Services within Business Europe, a Europe-wide business advocacy group.

Damien is a graduate of the Ecole Superieure de Commerce Audencia Nantes, France.

Damien is French and speaks English, beside French.

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Sodexo’s 2017 Quality of Life Conference was an opportunity to explore new solutions for tomorrow’s needs. This conference brought together some 50 inspiring speakers that looked at measurable and realistic ways to make progress.

FY2017 Registration document

Sodexo Fiscal 2017 Registration Document


Drawing upon extensive studies on individual perception of Quality of Life combined with 50 years of experience with clients and employees, Sodexo has been able to identify six dimensions of Quality of Life on which our services can have a real and measurable impact.

Ease & Efficiency Health & Well-being Personal Growth Physical Environment Recognition Social Interactions