Inpatient meals

Inpatient meals

Nutritious, tasty, clinically adapted meals are critical for faster and better patient recovery. Sodexo is the largest private employer of registered dietitians and our teams work closely with doctors to plan menus suited to patient requirements.

Sodexo has been a long-term strategic partner to many healthcare organisations, providing a wide range of services that cater to their patients, physicians and staff, as well as visitors. Our service is designed to create a dignified and positive mealtime experience for all - patients, staff and visitors.

One of the best ways to facilitate a patient’s treatment and increase satisfaction is through proper nutrition, and our team of chefs take great care in preparing nutritionally balanced meals to increase satisfaction and encourage an optimised healing environment.

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Staff dining

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle we hardly stop to think about what we consume at mealtimes and so this is where Sodexo comes in.

Catering & functions

We can cater for functions from basic cocktails to fine dining.


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