Sodexo Celebrates World FM Day

Promoting Facility Management Ideals Worldwide
July 13, 2016

"Once a year the global facilities management community comes together to celebrate FM on World FM Day .”

World FM Day Overview

World FM Day Overview

Your success is our success! We write with gratitude for the role of Facilities Managers everywhere.

What Is World FM Day?

World FM Day is a day of worldwide celebration of facilities management (FM), where FM professionals, teams, companies and representative bodies take part and highlight the important role of FM.

This Year’s Theme: “Empowering people for a productive”

The focus for 2016 is “Empowering people for a productive world.” Speaking on the theme, Duncan Waddell, Chairman of Global FM, said “FM is all about enablement; as a sector we enable people to work, we enable the economy, we enable technology, we enable social interaction – the list is endless. At the crux of all of this is people – and for this year’s World FM Day we aim to highlight how we, as FM professionals, empower people to reach their full potential and in turn create a productive world”.

World FM Day, which is led by Global FM through its World FM Day Task Force, has been an annual celebration since 2009. It aims to recognise the vital work that FM professionals, and the FM sector, contributes to businesses worldwide whilst raising the profile of the FM profession across the globe. All FM professionals are welcome to host events such as social media activity, luncheons, seminars and workshops, or by undertaking any other activity to celebrate and promote FM during the week of July 11 – 15.

Duncan Waddell continued “We see so many diverse events being staged to mark World FM Day, and whilst they vary so much from a conference to small FM team drinks after work, they are all united in the aim of celebrating FM. I would urge everyone across the FM profession to take some time during the week of July 11 – 15 to promote FM and celebrate World FM Day and show how FM can empower people for a productive world.”

Celebrations for World FM Day will be led across six continents by Global FM members; the Associação Brasileira de Facilities (ABRAFAC), the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM), the European Facility Management Network (EuroFM), the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA Australia), Facilities Management Association of New Zealand (FMANZ), the Hungarian Facility Management Society (HFMS), the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), the Middle East Facility Management Association (MEFMA), and the South African Facilities Management Association (SAFMA).

Winners in the Global FM Awards of Excellence will also be revealed on World FM Day. The awards recognize the best of the best in FM, highlighting how they support businesses across the globe. In 2015, BIFM’s ‘JLL Property and Asset Management Academy’ submission scooped the Platinum Award, followed by Westminster Schools through IFMA and then the Commonwealth Bank of Australia with FMA, Australia.

Source:  Global FM (2 March 2016) World FM Day Press Release

Spotlight on Sodexo’s FM Leaders

Spotlight on Sodexo’s FM Leaders

Each year Sodexo takes a moment to acknowledge its leaders in Facilities Management.

Sodexo honors FM Heroes who truly make every day a better day

Every day, everywhere around the world, our FM heroes are at work making a positive impact on our clients, their people and communities. Sodexo FM professionals are the true embodiment of what Sodexo stands for and they bring our quality of life vision to life through their work. That’s why, as part of the global celebration of World FM Day, Sodexo is extending special thanks and appreciation to the people in our organization who serve in FM roles. We are featuring several Sodexo team members who have been identified by leadership as FM Heroes, those who embody the values of Sodexo and are passionate about and exceptional in the FM profession. Here are their stories:


The FM profession chose me.”

Gina Bonilla
Senior Manager, Area Support
J&J Mentor/Pfizer

Gina Bonilla learned about the FM profession quite by accident. “I was working in the legal department at the Rockefeller Center in New York City and I found myself fascinated by how the Center managed the facilities world, from the construction of the buildings, to the HVAC systems, the landlord and tenant leases, to the day-to-day spotlessness of the brass fixtures and marble floors,” she says.  When she learned that there are many aspects to the FM profession that go beyond the buildings – safety, client/customer service, team building, security and more – she was hooked.

Gina reflects on her FM career to date and all that she has learned. “I am passionate about innovations in FM. Being an FM professional has taught me the importance of responsiveness and flexibility. It also has taught me how to be very resourceful.”

“My work on Sodexo’s transition team supports our mission of delivering Quality of Life Services to our operation teams and to our clients by creating a culturally-engaged environment with Clients for Life transparency,” she says. Gina also adds, “I have worked with many organizations throughout my career and I have found Sodexo’s focus on Diversity and Inclusion to be amazing. I am very proud to be the Program Chair for Sodexo’s Organization for Latinos (SOL).”


“FM brings together many of my core strengths.”

Arica R. Booker
Multi-Services Manager

For Arica Booker, the FM profession brings together community service, client relations, and project management, all areas of work she loves. But it is the heart of FM work that keeps her engaged. “It’s amazing to know that our clients rely on the FM team to provide optimal quality of life for their staff, to increase overall productivity.”

Arica highlights the importance of thoroughly understanding the needs of your client – from the smallest details to the larger issues – as critical for fulfilling Sodexo’s mission. “FM matters because we are the first step in providing a quality experience to the client and the front line staff of our accounts,” she emphasizes. “It means a lot to me to have the opportunity to listen to the front line staff and the client’s needs, and provide solutions that create an overall better working experience.”

“I always knew I would land in a service industry position. It makes all the sense in the world that I found my way to Facilities Management,” says Arica.


“Doing something that you love matters.”

Paul Jackson Jr.
Construction Project Manager II
International Monetary Fund Account

“To me, Facilities Management is more than a profession – it is a way of life,” says Paul Jackson. “My job challenges me every day.” Paul enjoys the fast pace of FM, and gets great satisfaction from knowing his work has a direct impact on quality of life by fostering positive client relationships and enhancing client retention. “Most of my work involves delivering optimum comfort and efficiency in my client’s workspaces, which in turn directly contributes to client satisfaction and stronger business results,” says Paul.

Paul feels fortunate to have a job that allows him to pursue his passion and encourages others to do the same. “Every day I am involved with work that is based on a career path that I have chosen. Because of that, I am able to give myself wholly to the position, the company, and the account. Doing something that you love matters.”

Paul left a long-term project contract to pursue his career in FM by taking a temporary position at Sodexo. That was two years ago this July, and since then his career has flourished. “Never be afraid to step out and take a chance to pursue your passion,” he says. “My passion has exponentially grown through my FM career and I’m not even halfway there.”


”I enjoy making a difference for our clients’ success.”

John Moody     
Senior Manager, Area Support
Chevron, Boeing and Qiagen

After many years on the food side of Sodexo, John transitioned to FM for the opportunities to learn and develop new skills – and he hasn’t looked back. “I sincerely enjoy working with our people and our clients on a daily basis. It’s great to be part of a group of people that work as a team, are passionate about the business and support each other,” says John. “I enjoy making a difference for our clients’ success.”

“FM professionals touch work lives in many ways every day. From the minute staff come to work and until they leave for the day, we can make a positive difference in everyone’s work life,” he emphasizes. “When our client has a satisfied workforce that is valued and engaged, we know the client will be successful in meeting their business goals. I genuinely feel that Sodexo Integrated Facilities Management is a critical part of that success.”

In John’s 29 year career with Sodexo, he has held a variety of roles including Assistant Manager, General Manager, District Manager, VP of Operations, and VP of Human Resources. John emphasizes that learning and growing are priorities for him. “Being continuously challenged and acquiring new skills along the way keeps me motivated and improves my quality of life.”


“There is never a dull day in FM. The challenges and opportunities for learning are perpetual.”  

Ryan Moosman
District Manager
Zurich and Farmers Global

As long as he can remember, Ryan Moosman was fascinated with how things worked. “As a child, I was a tinkerer, always looking for ways to make things work better, faster, more efficient.” Fundamentally, he believes this is the role of an FM professional. “We take something less than perfect, and develop the strategies, systems, processes to make them work better.”  

In his 10 year career with Sodexo, he has learned that Quality of Life is all about the journey. “From the moment you enter the grounds, your experience – your journey – is affected by your interactions within the environment,” says Ryan. “Everything we do in Facilities Management is an opportunity to support the Quality of Life dimensions. There are very few careers in this world that allow you to have such a profound effect on people.”

Ryan also enjoys the fast pace of being an FM professional and appreciates the ample learning and growth opportunities he’s had with Sodexo. “Sodexo has afforded me many opportunities to expand my FM knowledge and to expand my leadership capabilities,” he says. In his most recent appointment as a District Manager, the work of Ryan and his team impacts more than 23,000 clients and customers globally in the U.S., Canada and Europe.  

“How cool is that?” he says.


“It's been a wonderful journey and I can't wait to see what each day brings.” 

Bernadette Szakal
General Manager, Multi Services
Campbell’s Soup World Headquarters

For Bernadette Szakal, the FM profession is a perfect match for what she values most – delivering excellent customer service; attracting, retaining, and growing the best talent; and helping the company to grow. “Every day is a new day,” she says. “I am motivated by being able to affect change for the better, having the tools and support to create a safety culture, leading others to sustainable practices and decisions, and saving money for our client.”

Bernadette has benefited greatly from on-the-job education as well as formal training at Sodexo. “The support of my peers and my leadership team has been amazing for my professional development.”

She’s held her current role with Sodexo for 6 ½ years and has found that the positive impact she can have on the people she works with to be the greatest professional reward. “Every day that my team can make someone's day easier or more enjoyable – that’s what motivates me the most.”


“It’s about investing in people, putting them first and creating a safe community for residents, employees and guests to thrive.”

Rodger Reeves
General Manager – Building Services
Waterman Village of Mount Dora, Florida

After 20 years of operations experience in a variety of industries, in 2014 Rodger Reeves stepped into a new role as the General Manager at Waterman Village. “As with any new start,” he says, ”I knew my success would depend on building a team entrenched in the residents’ lives and culture and aligned with the client’s values.” Rodger immediately learned the names and faces of each member in his community, and his genuine connection with everyone is evident.

Rodger’s commitment to excellence and Quality of Life for his clients and residents has resulted in several accomplishments. In less than one year, he renovated 40 resident units, achieving nearly 100% occupancy and increased resident satisfaction. He renovated several other buildings on the property to enhance the resident experience, and has delivered significant cost savings for his client through numerous operational efficiencies and process improvements.

“Not all achievements are measured in dollars and cents,” Rodger emphasizes. “It’s about investing in people, putting them first and creating a safe community for residents, employees and guests to thrive.” Employee satisfaction has increased every year since Rodger joined the department, a true testament to his leadership abilities as well as his commitment to the Quality of Life of those around him.


“I was determined to align my operations with the client’s motto: Simply the Best.”

Jackie Henson
General Manager – Building Services
Moorings Park

In November 2015, Jackie Henson joined Sodexo as the General Manager for Building Services at Moorings Park. Her passion for serving and addressing challenges head-on is evident. “If you like working hard, learning and contributing to a team, then you’ll love working with me!” she says. 

Jackie’s energy, attention to detail and unwavering commitment made an immediate impact within the operation. She was determined to align her operations with the client’s motto: “Simply the Best.” Immediately, Jackie began improving operational efficiencies and managing renovations of resident units. In spite of the challenges, she approached these projects with a compassionate and fun attitude. Through Jackie’s FM expertise and management skills, 15 past due projects are now complete, and 50 new renovations are planned for this year.

Jackie has consistently operated under budget, and her management of a $500K LED lighting project helped meet the financial goals of the client in less than six months – a remarkable accomplishment. Jackie continues to build her team of managers, work hard, serve the community and have fun. 

Thank you…

…to our featured heroes and to all of our FM professionals for all you do to deliver Quality of Life for those we serve. It is through your work that we are able to truly deliver on our vision and mission as the world leader in Quality of Life services.

Join the Celebration!

Please join us in celebrating World FM Day and the difference the FM profession makes. Here are some ways you can participate:

  1. Celebrate and recognize Sodexo’s FM Heroes, including the FM Heroes at your site.
  2. Take time to say thank you and show your appreciation.
  3. Share FM Hero stories as part of the World FM Day Celebration. Use any or all of these channels:
  • Twitter: Use the hashtag #WorldFMDay to join the conversation
  • LinkedIn: Participate in Sodexo’s Quality of Life at Work discussion along with other industry leaders
  • SodexoInsights: Read perspectives from Sodexo executives on the importance of this event
  • SodexoCareers: Learn more about how our facilities managers are building a better future
Committed to Developing the Next Generation of STEM Professionals

Committed to Developing the Next Generation of STEM Professionals

Increased public awareness combined with massive spending costs across the private and public sectors have brought STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education to the forefront of the nation’s collective consciousness.

Most everyone agrees that improving the quality and number of STEM graduates entering the workforce is a national priority. The important variable in this equation is private sector employers who drive economic growth through innovation and employ the majority of Americans. Sustained engagement and strategic investments in STEM education by employers will be key to solving the STEM shortfall.

Recognizing this important national challenge, Sodexo has partnered with STEMconnector, a national group working to connect and convene organizations that share a passion and commitment to developing the next generation of STEM professionals and current workforce. STEMconnector keeps the nation informed through STEMdaily, a free e-newsletter that reaches nearly 15,000 thought leaders in STEM education and workforce development. STEMconnector convenes a diverse range of stakeholders through physical and virtual meetings, to share best practices and facilitate unique partnerships. STEMconnector also recognizes executive leadership through its 100 STEM Leaders series and encourages the mentorship of women and girls through Million Women Mentors. Sodexo currently serves as a Vice-Chair of the Million Women Mentors initiative, and Co-Chair of STEMconnector’s Innovation Task Force, investing time, resources, and leadership to develop innovative partnerships and programs that address the STEM challenge.

Sodexo’s interest in producing qualified STEM talent continues to evolve, and follow in the footsteps of Microsoft and Lockheed Martin. However, it is imperative that every Sodexo associate possesses at least a fundamental comprehension of STEM skills in order to be productive and grow professionally. Sodexo maintains a commitment to improving STEM education and looks forward to building collaborative partnerships in the future.


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