Engaging Communities

At Sodexo, we believe we have both a moral and business imperative to be a responsible corporate citizen. With 133,000 employees serving millions everyday, we have an opportunity to fuel a movement for a change among those in need.

Through our clients, community partners and employees, Sodexo and the Sodexo Foundation strive to improve the Quality of Life in communities across the country.  We do so through the following activities:

EC - Ending Hunger

This is highlighted by our Foundation initiatives, such as Feeding Our Future, Heroes of Everyday Life® and the Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholars.

EC - Promoting Sustainability

This is evidenced through our efforts to create academic, healthcare, leisure, workplace and other environments that reduce energy consumption, prevent waste and source sustainable products 


EC - Advancing Diversity

Sodexo embraces, leverages and respects the diversity of our workforce, our clientele and the communities in which we live, work and serve.

EC - Improving Health Wellness

Sodexo partners with communities, individuals and organizations to develop programs that foster healthy lifestyles.


We are proud to feature below numerous examples of our employees and volunteers engaging their communities to make them a better place for everyone. The #EngagingCommunities campaign is a movement that we have embarked on to do our part. 

We invite you to explore, discuss and share the work of those that are helping to improve the Quality of Life in their community with the hashtag #EngagingCommunities. 

#videostream_Engaging Communities