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Our story is comprised of many stories. It’s the story of each and every one of our people--their career paths, their achievements and the culture they build. Around the world, more than 420,000 Sodexo employees contribute to this story every day.

Real stories from real Sodexo people.

Facilities & Engineering Management

Facilities & Engineering Management

Venus McCoy, General Manager, Shell Oil, Houston, TX

Venus McCoy

"Sodexo provides many development and training resources that facilities, engineering and energy management professionals can tap into, including professional certifications and Lean Six Sigma concepts. Many dimensions of diversity are alive and well in this organization such as gender and minority, to name a few. This personally allows me to contribute to my full potential." (Full profile)

Juan Soler, Energy Manager, University of Tampa (UT), Tampa, FL

Juan Soler

"Since joining Sodexo in late 2013, I’ve been impressed with how the company treats its employees. Sodexo provides individual onboarding and training for personal and professional development. As it pertains to the company’s corporate culture, I appreciate that Sodexo supports the personal growth of its employees by promoting from within. For such a large organization, Sodexo seems to recognize each individual employee." (Full profile)

Kimberly Egloff-Boehm, Intrinsic Coach® Director, Quality of Life Services, Sodexo Corporate Services

Kimberly Egloff-Boehm

"Although relatively new to the FM industry, I have already seen so many changes in client expectations. Facilities Management used to be solely about providing specific services in a designated space, and now it is growing into providing an experience in that space." (Full Profile)

Kwame Watkins, Senior Product Manager, Sodexo Solutions Center

Kwame Watkins

"In my current role, I will support product and offer development--the process of developing services offered to our clients from concept to implementation. I am excited about the opportunity as it offers me the opportunity to develop and create solutions that will add value and improve the quality of daily life for both our clients and employees." (Full Profile)

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Culinary & Food Service Management

Culinary & Food Service Management

Shane Miller, Area Executive Chef

Shane Miller

"Having the support of my management team has allowed me to determine my own career path, take risks and be cutting-edge. Although I was a little uneasy about transitioning from the hospitality industry to a corporate setting, I found that Sodexo chefs are able to bring their creativity, innovation and personality into the kitchen. And with strong drive and ambition, there are more opportunities than you can imagine." (Full Profile)

Catherine Theresa McKiernan, Regional Brand Manager, Retail and Resident Dining

Catherin McKiernan

"My advice to anyone exploring careers is to understand that Sodexo is a very large organization, with many opportunities to use your culinary knowledge as a foundation to learn a multitude of other skills. Sodexo will recognize and reward you for bringing your skills and culinary passion to work, which can be rare in the industry!" (Full Profile)

Aaron Brooks, General Manager, Multi-Service, St. Albans School

Aaron Brooks

"I like working for a company that is a leader in the foodservice management industry. We have been, and still are, the benchmark in contract food services in our division. It is rewarding and satisfying to be held to higher standards when you are a part of the reason why the standards are so high." (Full Profile)

Dwight E. Evans II, Executive Chef, Covenant Village of Northbrook

Dwight Evans

"The professional development programs, work-life balance and promotion of ACF chefs programs and agendas are some of my favorite things about working for Sodexo. I also appreciate the diversity programs and being a part of a worldwide company with the flexibility of working abroad." (Full Profile)

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Environmental Services & Housekeeping Management

Environmental Services & Housekeeping Management

Todd Rominger, General Manager, University of Minnesota Health

Todd Rominger

"I’m very motivated by the business we’re in, which is taking care of patients. People come to our facility to improve their health and, through our efforts, we’re able to influence better outcomes and contribute to their well-being." (Full Profile)

Ashley Allen, General Manager, Southwest Healthcare Systems

Ashley Allen

"I have found so much value in the partnership and mentorship from my District Manager. He works directly with me to develop my potential as a leader and support my growth with the company. The support for professional development through industry events and exposure to different lines of the business has also helped me expand my skills." (Full Profile)

Lori Whisman, General Manager, Aventura Medical Center

Lori Whisman

"I love Sodexo’s dedication to diversity. It’s a wonderful company, who lets you be who you are. I also love that you can grow your career as much as you want, with endless opportunity. As a global organization, it seems there are endless avenues of support." (Full Profile)

David Flatt, General Manager, Washington Adventist Hospital

David Flatt

"I am so blessed to have the opportunity to touch so many lives, from patients, families, hospital employees and our front line staff. I could not have crafted a more fulfilling path for my career." (Full Profile)

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Jackie Sharp, Wellness Director SodexoMAGIC, Walt Disney World & Disneyland

Jackie Sharp

"The SodexoMAGIC team at Disney is here to support the Disney Cast Members, to make every day a better day, and to help all Cast Members achieve their best so that they can create those “dreams come true” moments for all Disney Park & Resort guests." (Full Profile)

Nina Crowley, Bariatric Surgery Clinical Dietitian

Nina Crowley

"I believe that job satisfaction comes from having autonomy, mastery and purpose in your position. Armed with flexibility, tuition support, professional membership and a specialty area well-suited to my skill set, I have found a rewarding position that I can excel in." (Full Profile)

Colleen Stauffer, Multi-Service Operations Manager, Hospital Sisters Health System

Colleen Stauffer

"What I enjoy most about working for Sodexo is that I’ve been offered so much opportunity to grow and expand my skill set through continuous training and networking with great Sodexo managers. Sodexo has challenged me on many occasions to step out of my comfort zone, which I am grateful for." (Full Profile)

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Information Systems & Technology

Information Systems & Technology

Amy Fularz, Manager, Application and Production Support

Amy Fularz

"When researching Sodexo I was astounded to find corporate responsibility, along with diversity and inclusion, on the home page of the website. I thought, “Could it be? Will I actually find a company that truly cares for its employees and where I can feel and be myself?” It was apparent that at Sodexo, diversity was more than a business imperative, but also the right thing to do." (Full Profile)

Jamel Perkins, Senior Director of Project Management Office

Jamel Perkins

"While many organizations talk the talk when it comes to work-life balance, Sodexo delivers by actually walking the walk. And the openness to diversity at Sodexo is refreshing and sincere; it's not just a marketing pitch, but something that is engrained in the culture through and through. The people of Sodexo have a genuine passion for the business and a commitment to the organization. They truly care about getting the job done, retaining clients and doing the right thing for the business. All of this combined makes Sodexo an awesome place to work." (Full Profile)

John Wruck, Lead Specialist, IS&T Identity & Access Management

John Wruck

"With the new skill sets I’ve learned while at Sodexo, I’ve experienced growth in both a career and personal sense. This is the first company I’ve worked for that I would recommend to a friend, based on the culture, atmosphere and opportunities for personal and professional growth." (Full Profile)

Jerry Schafetz, Senior Manager, Sodexo Right Start Resource Mobilization

Jerry Schafetz

"Our culture is one that breeds success in others--all you need to do is ask. Let people know you are out there and that you have a strong desire to move to the next level. Map out a plan, work the plan, and be flexible. You never know what the next opportunity will be or when it will arrive." (Full Profile)

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